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Nucleic-a Hair Care Products
Nucleic A products are formulated with nucleic and amino acids which are the DNA building blocks of hair. These ingredients help replenish lost protein and moisture, adding strength, structure, and shine to all hair types.

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Nucleic-a Products

Protoplex Hydrating Conditioner  
A hydratinq conditioner for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair that detangles and makes combing easier. Nucleic acids help seal in the proper moisture levels achieving just the right balance. Provides flexibility, sheen and manageability. Keeps hair cuticle smooth, leaving hair shiny.
10 oz   $9.00Quantity:
Protoplex Hydrating Conditioner  
Nucleic-a Protoplex Hydrating Conditioner, replaces lost moisture and amino acids
33 oz   $21.00Quantity:
Proteplex Moisturizing Shampoo  
A moisturizing shampoo that restores and maintains the proper moisture balance to hair. Nucleic acids maintain the structure while reviving hairís natural luster, sheen and flexibility. Contains a mixture of natural oils (soybean, corn, sesame) to smooth and repair dry and damaged hair.

10 oz   $7.50Quantity:
Proteplex Moisturizing shampoo  
Nucleic-a Proteplex Moisturizing shampoo for daily use on healthy-to-dry hair. Restores and maintains moisture, while reviving hair's natural luster and flexibility.

33 oz   $18.00Quantity:
Protoplex Color Protecting Shampoo  
This color protecting shampoo contains a mixture of natural oils to smooth and repair dry, damaged hair.

# Restores and maintains the proper moisture balance to hair
# Maintains the structure while reviving hair s natural luster, sheen and flexibility
# Contains Soybean, Corn and Sesame

33.8 oz   $18.00Quantity:

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