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Phytologie Products

Phytologie has the following types of products available for sale by
Anti Frizz, Anti Frizz & Straightening, Conditioner, Dandruff, Hair Loss, Hair Spray, Leave In Conditioner, Phytospecific, Shampoo, Treatment,

Phytologie is the science of hair care through plants. We apply our knowledge of beneficial plant properties to our scientific formulas to provide you with gentle, effective and lasting treatments for specific problems of the hair and scalp. Phytologie is the botanical solution to your hair care problems

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Phytologie - Anti Frizz
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.7 ozPhytolisse Ultra Shine Smoothing Serum $30.00

Phytologie - Anti Frizz & Straightening
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy

Phytologie - Conditioner
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
bot, 6.70 ozPHYTOBAUME $20.00
6.8 ozPhytojoba Mask Intense Hydrating Mask with Jojoba Oil for Dry Hair $36.00
6.7 oz JarPHYTOKARITE $36.00
5.0 oz.PHYTOMIST,Instant Hydrator $24.00
1.7 oz.PHYTONECTAR $26.00

Phytologie - Dandruff
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
5 tubes,of 0.25 fl ozPHYTOSQUAME $48.00

Phytologie - Hair Loss
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
120 capletsPhytologie PHYTOPHANERE,Dietary Supplement $48.00
0.80 oz.PHYTOPOLLEINE $28.00

Phytologie - Hair Spray
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy

Phytologie - Leave In Conditioner
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.7 ozPHYTO 7 $24.00
1.7 ozPHYTO 9 $24.00

Phytologie - Phytospecific
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
6.75 oz.Phytospecific Intense Nutrition Mask $26.00
5.07 oz.Phytospecific INTENSE NUTRITION SHAMPOO $22.00
5.07 fl.oz.Phytospecific Restructuring Milk $24.00
3.35 fl.oz.Phytospecific Revitalizing Treatment $24.00
6.75 fl.oz.Phytospecific Vital Force Creme Bath Treatment $32.00
5.07 oz.Phytospecific VITAL FORCE SHAMPOO $22.00

Phytologie - Shampoo
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
5.07ozMaximum Volume Shampoo, With Mango Extract $22.00
6.80 oz.PHYTOJOBA SHAMPOO $24.00
tub, 3.3 fl. oz.PHYTONEUTRE SHAMPOO $20.00
6.7 ozPhytoprogenium Intelligent Shampoo $26.00
6.80 oz.PHYTORHUM SHAMPOO $24.00

Phytologie - Treatment
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
5 amp, .33 fl. oz.Huile D Ales $26.00
Phytolisse Ultra Shine Smoothing Serum
Phytolisse Ultra Shine Smoothing Serum - (New name for Phytodefisant Serum) May be used after shampooing on towel dried hair or between shampoos to get rid of frizz and fly-away hairs.

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Phytodéfrisant is a relaxing balm for all hair types, naturally curly or permed hair. Ferula, horseradish and garlic extracts coat and straighten hair without any chemical action. The non-oily formula won't weaken hair. Imparts shine as hair is blow-dried to smooth, straight perfection. phyto tip: to avoid frizzies, apply phytodefrisant serum after blow drying with phytodefrisant balm.
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Phytologie Phytobaume,Specially adaped for long hair is a cream rinse to nourish damaged hair and to detangle hair that is difficult to comb through.
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Phytologie PHYTOCITRUS MASK,formulated with botanical butters and grapefruit extract, Phytocitrus mask is a soothing, nourishing treatment especially designed for colored and permed hair. It not only seals the hair cuticles, locking in color and maintaining tight curls, but it also penetrates deeply to restructure the hair keratin, thus restoring strength and shine.

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Phytojoba Mask Intense Hydrating Mask with Jojoba Oil for Dry Hair
With its creamy texture and delicate scent, Phytojoba Mask provides deep conditioning by restructuring the hair s protective film, which helps hair retain moisture. Angelica extract provides soothing and strengthening properties while adding shine and vitality to hair. Guar gum instantly detangles without weighing hair down.

application: after shampooing, apply a small amount of phytojoba mask to wet hair. comb through to evenly distribute product over the entire head of hair, focusing on the ends. leave on for 2 to 5 minutes depending on how dry or porus the hair. rinse throroughly. can be used everyday with phytojoba shampoo.
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Phytologie PHYTOKARITE,Utlra nourishing conditioner with Shea Butter,is an intense treatment mask that helps and rejuvenete very dry,damaged hair by providing it with essential elements it lacks.Brimming with naturally rich agents,including Shea Butter,Cashew and Pastel oils,filled with essential fatty acids,PHYTOKARITE nourishes the hair from within and makes hair easier to detangle.
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PHYTOMIST,Instant Hydrator
Phytologie Phytomist,instant hydrator,with white lotus flowers,maintain optimum moisture levels in the hair,hydrated keratin forms a protective seal and repairs damaged hair.A phytoprotective extract prevents enviormental stress factors.Hair is nourished,moisturized and protected.Leaves hair smooth and easy to manage.
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Phytologie PHYTONECTAR,restores the keratin structure. Nourishes and hydrates in depth. Protects on the surface. Before shampooing, apply generously over the entire lenght of the hair. Massage, then comb through. Leave on for 10 minutes or longer if necessary. Rinse well, then shampoo as usual. In case of extremely porous(Frizzy) hair, apply the product after shampooing. Massage the comb through Leave on for 10 minutes or longer if necessary. Rinse well. Style as usual. Includes: Egg oil - Soy extract - Sunflower extract.

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Phytologie PHYTOSQUAME,controls the symptoms of dandruff• 95% proven effectiveness• cleanses and soothes the scalp • 95% proven effectiveness directions=apply on scalp, section by section, 20 minutes before shampooing
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Phytologie PHYTOCYANE SHAMPOO,this shampoo is ideal for use on conjunction with Phytocyane thinning hair treatment for women.
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Phytologie PHYTOPHANERE,Dietary Supplement
This Phyto dietary supplement brings a synergy of necessary elements for the beauty and quality of hair and nails. 120 caplets directions taken orally, 2 caplets every morning with water.
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RECOMMENDED FOR - Weak, anemic hair - Scalp imbalance (very dry or oily scalp) - Itchiness and irritation from product build-up - Maintenence after Phyto Axil Treatment ACTION Essential oils and placenta extracts: • nourish and cleanses the scalp • stimulate the hair bulb • progressively regulate the sebum production.
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Phytologie Phytovolume Actif is a maximizing volume spray for fine, limp hair. Keratin amino acids add body and give roots a lift.

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Phytologie Phyto 7,a treatment cream will replace moisture and repair damaged hair without weighing it down. It may be applied on either wet or dry hair.
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Phytologie PHYTO 9• hydrates hair
• nourishes in depth
• revitalizes, conditions, and provides daily protection
apply on towel-dried hair, after shampooing or whenever needed during the day. work a dab of phyto 9 through hair and use your fingers to untangle hair. do not rinse.

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Phytospecific Hydra-Repairing Shampoo, is suitable for all hair types. Shea butter conditions and smoothes hair to leave it radiant and soft. Essential fatty acids and panthenol regenerate the scalp and improve lipid levels.
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Phytospecific Intense Nutrition Mask
Phytospecific Intense Nutrition Mask,provides instant deep down care for hair and scalp. Pleasant to use with its creamy texture and delicious fragrance, meets the need of hair that is naturally ultra dry or which has been damaged by excessive or ill suited treatments. From the very first use, smoother, more elastic and shinier, your hair regains unrivaled radiance and softness.

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Phytospecific Intense Nutrition Shampoo, with Kukui Oil, - For ultra dry hair, it hydrates, strengthens and protects the hair shaft. Meets the needs of hair that is naturally ultra dry or which has been damaged by excessive or ill suited treatments. Rich in Kukui and Macadamia oils it blends into the hair to hydrate and nourish it deep down.

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Phytospecific Restructuring Milk
Phytospecific Restructuring Milk, is a weekly treatment for normal to dry hair. Canola oil revitalizes and softens hair as it imparts shine. Guar extract detangles. Provides parched hair with instant hydration.
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Phytospecific Revitalizing Treatment
Phytospecific Revitalizing Treatment, is used weekly for dry hair and/or dry scalp. Peanut and castor oils stimulate the scalp. Keratin smoothes and protects. Leaves hair regenerated. Ideal for dry, winter months.
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Phytospecific Vital Force Creme Bath Treatment
Phytospecific Vital Force Creme Bath is an in-depth treatment for damaged, brittle hair. Meets the needs of naturally curly, frizzy or relaxed hair.

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Phytospecific Vital Force Shampoo, with Illipe butter and barley milk,this creamy conditioning shampoo meets the needs of sensitized hair that has been made porous through chemical treatments or damaged by excessive styling. It blends into the hair to repair it deep down. It reinforces the hair shaft, maintains quality straightening results and makes the hair easier to detangle. Your hair regains visible strength and radiance.

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Maximum Volume Shampoo, With Mango Extract
Phytologie Maximum Volume Shampoo, With Mango Extract,the answer to new and improved body and bounce layes in the palm of your hand. Contains Mango and Shea butter extracts which hydrate and coat the hair shaft adding volume to each strand. So lift hair to new heights and give yourself the volume you have always dreamed of.

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Phytologie PHYTOAPAISANT-Soothing and Clarifing Shampoo.
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Phytocitrus is a frequent use, shine shampoo to prolong and enhance recently colored, highlighted or permed hair. It is infused with grapefruit extract to eliminate alkalinity and smooth the hair for maximum shine. Enriched with Sweet Almond Proteins to leave hair silky soft.

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Rediscover your youthful curls with PHYTOCURL SHAMPOO,leaving you with the soft beautifully defined hair hair of your childhood.Formulated with the leaves of Mate tree,native to the plateaus of South America.This shampoo gives rejuvenated bounce and shine.From the first application,curls are energizes,light and supple.
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Phytologie Phytojoba Shampoo, a gentle regulating milk shampoo for frequent washing. Cleans and restores moisture to the hair.Formula made up of jojoba oil,coconut oil,linseed oil and cornflower extracts.

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Phytologie Phytolactum Shampoo,scalp-cleansing shampoo for normal hair.Clarifies and maintains the scalps balance.Formulated with phytolactine,a combination of straw,wood, bran and milk.
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Phytologie PhytoNectar, Ultra Nourishing Shampoo, with Orange Blossom Wax,helps restore the moisture and lipid balance in ultra-dry, porous hair. A creamy formula, brimming with moisturizing and revitalizing soybean amino acids and pure orange blossom extract, nourishes hair from within. Even the most dehydrated hair quickly regains its original strength, suppleness and shine.

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Phytologie Phytoneutre Shampoo,for normal hair. A balancing cream shampoo. Cleansing power with a gentleness that does not effect the natural texture of the hair.
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Phytologie Phytopanama Shampoo,a mild shampoo for frequest washing for all hair types, especially a scalp with an oily tendency.Quillaya bark,or panama wood has traditionally been used for the lathering power of its plant saponins.Gentle to the texture of the hair.
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Phytoprogenium Intelligent Shampoo
It’s a simple principle. The beauty of our hair depends directly on the health of our scalp. Like in most ecosystems, the equilibrium is established between beneficial bacteria vs. pathogenic bacteria. Phytosolba Laboratories has found a way to naturally and effectively preserve the beneficial flora (natural protective shield of the scalp), while reducing the presence of harmful germs. Phytoprogenium is the first of new generation that takes into account the entirety of the hair’s ecosystem, by placing as much importance on the scalp as onto the hair itself. A combination of botanical, active ingredients were carefully selected to give life to Progenium®. The exclusive formula is composed of: Zanthoxylum: an oily extract taken from the berries of the Prickly Ash tree of East Asia. Used to sooth itchiness, stimulate circulation and combat harmful bacteria. Lactitol & Xyitol Sugar: alcohols derived from straw, milk, wood and bran. Stops harmful bacteria from adhering to hair and scalp and helps promote good bacteria. Gentle Almond Milk: hydrating properties include a high concentration of fatty acids such as omega-6 and vitamin E. Olive Leaf Extract: antibacterial, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties. Marshmallow Root Extracts (44%): softening properties, protects the hair shaft and scalp, soothes irritation Oat Milk: made with whole oats and rapeseed oil which help cleanse and hydrate, rich in vitamin E. Phytoprogenium’s mission is to: Protect: By understanding and responding to the scalp’s needs. It effectively deploys the appropriate defenses to stop the proliferation of parasitic germs. Balance: Maintains equilibrium by differentiating beneficial bacteria vs. harmful bacteria. Gently cleanse: The more often the shampoo is used, the more effectively the scalp is protected; resulting in beautiful, healthy.
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Phytologie Phytorhum Shampoo,a fortifying shampoo for devitalized hair.The synergy of rhum,egg jolks and panthenol will cleanse the scalp of impurities,improve vascularization,regenerate the growth cycle and strengthen the hair shaft.
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Phytologie Phytotargent Shampoo,a treatment shampoo for grey and white hair.It is a de-yellowing shampoo,camomile restores silver highlights and softens and hydrates the hair.

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Phytologie Phytovolume Shampoo,volumizing shampoo,strengthen and fortify hair by regulating the permeability of the hair shaft.

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Huile D Ales
Phytologie Huile d'Alès is a revitalizing botanical oil that smoothes and hydrates dry, brittle hair and mends splits ends. 100% natural, it includes essential oils of sage, rosemary and juniper. Ideal for color-treated and long hair. Huile d'Alès may be applied to the hair before chemical processing, as it does not interfere with the action of the chemical. Huile d'Ales may also be added directly to the chemical solutions.

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